Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Ink Original Painting and ACEO Black and White

It poured down rain today. I'm not complaining Southern California weather is pretty moderate compared to other states. I stayed indoors and adjusted some ink paintings and researched my next work. Today all my ink work is with Chinese ink. It has a rich organic quality that fits my style.

The ink is almost applied like watercolor with a brush instead of a pen. The surface of the tree painting is double shuen paper and the rose painting is on watercolor paper. Each paper has different absorption rates. The tree/landscape is a good example of how delicate paper causes the ink to spread in an organic way. It's a matter of patience and trial and error.

This is a little tip for beginning ink painters. The amount of water you have in your brush is important. Less water offers those strong black strokes. More water provides a variety of greys.

I use "shop" towels mechanic's have to clean up their work. The towels are very absorbent. Stroke your brush on the surface before putting it into the ink. It assist's the painter in the battle to have the correct amount of water to ink. Till next time stay dry and comfortable.

Shop Updates:
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  1. What a wonderful explanation of ink technique, thanks for sharing.
    I couldn't be happier to have included your beautiful work in my Treasury, it's a fabulous addition in such perfect fall shades.