Monday, July 28, 2014

Original Watercolor Ink Aceo Landscape and Experiments

ACEO Chinese Ink Paintings

The first image is my fantasy impressionistic tree in a summer cloud burst on 140lb. watercolor paper with watercolor and ink.   This miniature work is a combination imagination and enjoyment of color.   Well it’s not a total fantasy, I often see a tree this shape near a park I travel.  Smaller paintings can stand alone or are the basis for larger work.
The second image is ACEO’s I had painted in the past on thin rice paper with sumi ink and bamboo brushes. I appreciate calligraphy and sumi paintings so I gave it a try.   The works on rice paper were mounted to a backing paper with glue in order to smooth out the edges and bring out the color of the work. 

What I enjoy about the smaller format efforts is the ability to experiment with different tools, processes, mediums and genres.    Sometimes my experiments don’t work but at the very least I’ve learned about a new product, art form, and had a little (2 ½” X 3 ½”) art adventure.
 If you want to experiment or collect art, ACEO miniature artworks are a wonderful way to start.


  1. Your sumi paintings looks wonderful!

  2. Thanks Hannah "banaaorangeapple" my first love is landscape with acrylics and watercolor but I appreciate Sumi painting techniques.

    Sammy thanks & yes I also like that tree.

  3. The Chinese ink paintings are so pretty! I have always had an interest in these types of paintings. Something about them always draws my eye.