Thursday, June 21, 2012

Original Landscape Desert Painting

I know as an artist I should have a camera and sketchbook at
the ready but sometimes I do the best I can with the tools I have…. While rolling down the highway toward Wickenburg, Arizona I saw this set of shapes in the landscape. We stopped for a brief time and I jotted this scene on a paper napkin. (What can I say but I love "In and Out Burgers” and I save the napkins.) After a trip I usually have a couple of “napkin sketches.”

So although I applaud plein aire painters, that day I was not ready to absorb the desert heat. A brief sketch with a strong idea can be better for my art work than a reference photo with too many details. In a way reference photos can be a hindrance if I become absorbed in the details of the scene and forget about the spirit of the painting I wished to capture….

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  1. I love the purples in this. I agree about the brain baking aspect of plein aire. Freezing fingers has no attraction either. The napkins for sketches is a great idea. For some reason mine turn out to be Bruester's ice cream napkins.
    I always forget to take my sketchbook with me when I travel. Maybe I should just keep a small one in the glove compartment. I never thought of that until now. I do love my photos though - if I could remember my camera too, I'd be all set. At least with digital you have a better idea of what you've got as you go along.

  2. Hi! Ruth
    Thanks for the comments and Bruester's Ice Cream sounds yummy...So. California & Arizona have lots of opportunities for being outdoors but I seem to have ideas at the most unlikely time. I should just leave a sketch pad in my to you soon.