Sunday, January 9, 2011

Art, Recovery and Healing

I appreciate different styles, mediums, and subject matter in art. At times I’m drawn to the execution of the work and other times the emotion. Earlier today I posted the following regarding trauma survivors and art:

“I do want to applaud the survivors of crime and victimization. It always amazes me, what the human spirit can withstand and continue with a productive life way beyond a trauma. Perhaps that is the reason I enjoy arts and crafts it has that personal bright light. It has the spirit that makes the world spin.”

My general feeling regarding art is it has an ability to be a cathartic vehicle for healing. I appreciate survivors of catastrophic illness, drug addiction and abuse that channel their experiences. The emotions in the work are sometimes raw but authentic and they come out on the other side with the help of their artistic exploration. I’m not a doctor but if creating art helps a person heal, it's a good thing.

I’m not a member of the following web sites but they look interesting and explore art and recovery:
Survivors Art Foundation
Alcoholic Outsider Artist Blog
Healing Through Creativity
Sober Artists

Etsy News, Updates and New Treasuries:
JFoxStudio created Fine Art for A Friday treasury. This treasury has an eclectic mix of fine art.

Ruthsartwork created Mauve and Green Winter Cheer Up
It's a lovely mix of fashion, accessories, and art.

JewelrybyNala created Bring a Smile treasury. It has fun and interesting fashion accessories, jewelry, and art.


  1. Very striking painting, Jo Ann! I totally agree with your statement as well. Art allows the expression of the soul spirit.

  2. Thank you One Heart for your comments.