Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Original Painting Impressionistic Landscape Lagoon River by JC Strong

This painting is my creative memory of Xel-Ha near Cancun, Mexico. A few years ago I went to this area and Xel-Ha is a "natural aquarium." It's a beautiful place where a river meets the ocean. It's one of the first places I learned how to snorkel. It was a fun time and place.... I'm no pro. I just had a big mask fins and splashed around and enjoyed the wonderful scenery.

Etsy Highlights:
I found a wonderful shop Talbertart. This artist is a "contemporary realist" and has some beautiful cityscape's and figure work in his shop. You'll see a lush painterly quality in his work.

Treasuries:A Burst of Life II and A Burst of Life I celebrate fashion and creativity. It adds excitement to your life and surroundings.


  1. This is beautiful! It looks like somewhere I would like to spend the day!