Monday, December 27, 2010

Original Art and Finding Fine Art Team Treasury by JC Strong

The “Let’s Redecorate in 2011" treasury highlights The Finding Fine Art Team. The goal of the team is providing art lovers the opportunity to acquire original art. The artist’s talents within this team are diverse. You'll find original paintings, drawings, mixed media, collage, printmaking and photography.

The best part of viewing and purchasing original art is you can see the hand of the artist in the strokes and texture of the work. I like to think original art has the spirit of the artist within the painting. An artist leaves the best part of him or herself on the canvas.

Sometimes you can see the serene stroke of a watercolorist, the deliberate or swift stroke of the oil and acrylic painter, the strokes with abandonment and joy, and complexity of assemblage, woodcut or printmaking. At times you wonder how did they do it? Then you have the opportunity to see "happy accidents" that happen in every art form.

So when redecorating in 2011, have fun searching for original art on the Etsy web site.

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