Monday, October 25, 2010

What if Matisse had a blog?

I’ve just finished a small format painting. It’s raining again so I sit at my keyboard and I wonder.

If artists from the past had the opportunity to author, a blog would they discuss the joy, struggles, inspiration or the everyday details of creating art? I thought of so many artists from the Renaissance to cartoon animators I’d love to know about in their own words. I know art history books outline their lives but new technology would be interesting in the artist's hands. . .

Do you think Matisse would discuss his motivation for his figure ink studies, oil paintings and then in his later years paper gouache cutouts? Andy Warhol, I hope would tell us in his own words why Campbell’s Soup. I would love to know when and why Jackson Pollack dropped, dribbled, poured his first “action painting.” I’d like to ask creators/designers of Bugs Bunny, Tex Avery and Bob Clampett how did you select that little guys look, attitude, and voice (Mel Blanc) and the famous line “What’s Up Doc.” That would be fun . . .

Finally, artists like Vincent Van Gogh and Frida Kahlo could share their personal struggles and the artists and collectors around the world/blogosphere would reach out and share their story.

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My latest painting "Three Tree Island" is in my Etsy Shop.
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Big surprise this little treasury made the first page of the treasury list.
A Sunny Forcast with a Touch of Purple by JC Strong Gallery it highlights contributors to the First Friday Art Walk (ffaw) and the AWE Team.
Range Thread Fellows by HandmadeHelp is a wonderful selection of fine art in a variety of mediums and styles.
"Made in USA and Proud of It" by MysticSilks is a joyful variety of art, jewelry, and home decor.


  1. Good question~ I would like to hear if Salvadore Dali melted things as a child :)
    They probably had lots more time to actually paint w/o the distractions of the Net ;)

  2. Yes, it would be great to find out what Dali was like as a child...