Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Etsy Treasury Tool and Treasury Updates

Hello folks I’ve noticed the wide gap between the text and photos of my last post on October 18th. I made the photos with a treasury generator. Since I often discuss other artists and their work I thought you’d like a glimpse of their paintings and jewelry first hand. (The photos of the"Day of the Dead" artwork below are great.)

Although, my first attempt had a few kinks. The kinks are all on my part. I think the tool is worth exploring. My next attempt with the generator and html language will go a little smoother.

Right now I’ll go back to entering updates/news in my regular way. I think it's helpful to see other artists and artisans selections and creativity:

New Treasury's:

Fine Art Collection by Squier is a wonderful selection of original art and prints in different styles and mediums (contemporary, realism, folk, impressionistic etc)

Night Traveler! by Masibill is a lovely collection of art, fashion, and jewelery.

In the Eve of the Beholder by Craftsbykash is soothing collection of art, jewelery and accessories.


  1. Lovely painting! The treasury generators are neat, but font size changes from one computer to the next and makes me nervous how it'll appear for all my readers. Hence I'm still rocking the static screen captures on my blog.

  2. Thanks for the input aquariann. Yes, the appearance of fonts etc. is important. I'll see what happens, perhaps I'll have to go to a static screen.