Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Who Influence's Your Art or Who Makes You Smile

 I paint landscapes and seascapes but my favorite artists besides the French Impressionists and American Watercolorists are Marc Rothko and Rufino Tamayo….  Both of these men have given me an “A Ha” moment were my mind just clicked and loved their work.

When I saw Mr. Rothko’s art it is was a retrospect and the paintings were colorful with these large blocks of color as I walk the exhibition I felt as though I was seeing his life unfold.  The way it was presented bold colors at first, slowly the colors became more somber and finally a large block of grey and black.  I felt like I was witnessing a life and then an ending.  It was a story without words.  I’ve seen his work in books and the web but in person is much more satisfying to the senses. 

The first time I saw Mr. Tamayo’s work there was a humor, joy and life that he captured in his work.  The portrait of his beloved wife just made me smile of course he had other somber topics, I just remember thinking he loves his wife with his bold color and expressive style.

Both of these men are labeled I suppose as abstract painters and I’m not but I always remember the day that I saw their wonderful creations and said “yeah I get it, they‘re talking to me and it made smile.”

It’s curious how life and artistic “visual stories” make an impact….  Who Influence's Your Art?

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