Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Ink Play

While taking a figure drawing class, students discussed the cost and lack of availability of figure models.  The teacher pointed to the outside landscape and said paint a tree.  He wasn't trying to be sarcastic but was serious while he shared his feelings about nature.   The teacher shared that trees have weight, curves, and  personality...

I think our forests, backyards, and urban sidewalks are filled with resilient "spirits" that have helped many artists including me with their journey.  I call these paintings "Ink Play."  The first painting was a combination of a large brush and heavily loading it with ink.  The work on the bottom was completed with medium brushes and dragging a partially loaded brush against a dry surface. 

I've always enjoyed the beautiful work of Chinese and Japanese calligraphers and painters.  I love the pictographs.  My art journey is always a combination of nature, memory, and absorbing different cultures...

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  1. I love trees and love how you've painted them with ink. Beautifully done!