Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Prior to That First Stroke

This is my latest landscape. I’m influenced by nature and its different faces, friends, music, and images I see and find… This week the Southern California coast has been experiencing lots of coastal fog. My painting was a direct result of me wishing for a sunny day….No sun so I turned to reference material. It’s amazing the images that are all stored in our head, studio or available copy right free via the internet.

My friend sent me some photos of her adventures in Utah thus the orange and raw sienna color in the road. I was playing an old CD my son gave me and thinking of old friends and family thus the title “How Far is Heaven Road.” I also went to Wet Canvas and Morgue File web sites. These two sites are great source for reference material. I put all those influences and created this landscape.

The most difficult part of this painting was funneling down all this information prior to that first stroke. I don’t think I’m alone. Well have a terrific day and thank you for letting me share...


  1. I agree, sometimes gather all of the reference material, sketching some thumbnails, gathering ideas, etc. all takes MUCH longer than the painting itself.

  2. I think so too. Between deciding what to do and then on a crop of one of my reference photos, it seems forever until I actually get to work. sometimes it is easier if I line up a few things in a row so I don't have to decide anything.

    I really like the red accents in this picture too.