Tuesday, August 16, 2011

"Branching Out"

My usual painting size is 8” X 10” or smaller. These small format paintings have an intimacy that I enjoy and I’ll continue to express myself in that format but I needed a change this week…

While researching this seascape, sketching, taking photos I felt the painting needed an expressive change. This painting is 12” X 16” it doesn’t seem like such a large leap but it was a way of moving forward. The ocean is so huge, you’ll see surfers, swimmers; people enjoying themselves at the pier but sometimes that big water tugs at you and I just want to paint something huge.

So I looked around the studio and the biggest canvas I had was 12” X 16” not very “huge” but it fit the artistic urge. I don’t know where this is going but I’m certain for myself painting is like writing a visual story and sometimes the story needs a few more chapters… and inches of canvas.


  1. Very pretty, Its nice that you are doing a bigger painting, show us the finished result!

  2. This is quite nice JC. It's funny but I first thought that the top section was the whole thing. It works both as a smaller section and the larger painting.

  3. Welcome, sweetybird the entire work is depicted in the second photo and you can see additional photos in my Etsy shop. Thanks for asking...

    Ruth, good eye that first photos would have been for a smaller format painting. I decided to tell a larger story so I went with a longer format in this work...