Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Original Impressionistic Seascape by JC Strong

With the help of imagination and reference material, this latest work is my idea of the many colors and moods of the ocean.

Everytime I paint a landscape or seascape I'm aware that nature is the ultimate artist:

"Nature" is what we see -- The Hill -- the Afternoon -- Squirrel -- Eclipse -- the Bumble bee -- Nay -- Nature is Heaven -- Nature is what we hear -- The Bobolink -- the Sea -- Thunder -- the Cricket -- Nay -- Nature is Harmony -- Nature is what we know -- Yet have no art to say -- So impotent Our Wisdom is To her Simplicity." by Emily Dickinson

You can find more information regarding this painting by visiting my Etsy Shop. With so many options on the web, thank you for stopping by and viewing my work...