Sunday, January 23, 2011

Original Painting California Landscape and Sky by JC Strong

The winds blow from the inland valley to the ocean. These “Santa Ana” winds can transform a sky. The colors at sunset looked lush and delicate at the same time. (The area is actually around San Clemente, California.)

Painting this work was a matter of problem solving. If I realy think about it, most of my work is a matter of pushing and pulling until the story is completed.

I wanted the colors in the sky to tell the story but I needed to anchor the painting. It seems to me placing the tree at the lower right-hand corner, plus the darker values in the landscape did the job. I painted the edges as you can see in the image below. See additional detail in my Etsy Shop.


  1. Gorgeous sky! I'm a big fan of that tree in the lower right corner, too. :D

  2. Thanks Aquariann for the feedback.

  3. I love your painting California landscape and sky. eowiin