Thursday, November 18, 2010

Traveling the Highways and Impressionist Landscape by JC Strong

I spent some fun time traveling from California to Nevada and Arizona. It was a nice time visiting family and connecting with friends. I spent a lot of time taking reference photos of desert landscapes while traveling Old Route 66 and Highway 93. While traveling on Highway 93 to Wickenburg, Arizona the desert landscape is gorgeous. You can almost see Native Americans and frontiers’ men riding their horses at the turn of the century. The desert is beautiful this time of year.

This small format painting is a composite of scenery I enjoyed during this time. My landscapes are usually based on a combination of a real time and place plus imagination.


  1. don't you just love those endless desert roads with the horizon as far as the eye can see! it takes me back to another time as well...looking forward to more of your inspired southwest work.

  2. Just the warm colors I needed today! Really lovely, and very evocative of the west.