Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Original Painting Abstract Ink Landscape

The inspiration for this work is the warm or should I say hot past few days in California. People have been walking around San Clemente in the evening. Early evening walks are fun you have the opportunity to meet the neighbors and cool off and see nature in a different light...

Shop Talk:
This is the time of the month I like to give you updates on what has happened on Etsy and with other artists and artisans. I curated art treasury's this month and was lucky to be selected in some lovely treasury's.

An Etsy Treasury is a completion of items that highlights the work of artists and artisans. Sometimes they are held together by a subject, theme or just fun. Here are just a few.

Art Treasury's:
Life Expressions I by JC Strong Gallery
Life Expressions II by JC Strong Gallery

Eclectic Treasury of Art and Fashion:
Platinum and Peach by Elegant Casual Jewelry
Autumn Harvest by Gallery Juana
Sex in the City by Triple J Pendants

Fun Treasury's:
Groovin With the Oldies by Backyard Photos
Fall Colors by the 50's Crowd by Plantlady
Blank Canvas Opened Mind by ArtdeJoie

I also belong to an Etsy Group called the AWE (Art Walk Etsy) Team on the first friday of the month they promote some fun and beautiful work on-line in their Etsy Shops.

Last but not least. I'd like to thank all my "followers" for taking the time to come along for the ride. I respect your input and fun comments.


  1. Hi fellow AWE Team member!

    I love how you use the space in the above picture. My eye keeps moving around. Wonderful!

    Your treasury listings are fun to peek at.

  2. One heart,
    Thanks you for your comments.