Monday, August 23, 2010

Original Painting Acrylic Impressionist Red Floral

It’s fun walking around San Juan Capistrano, California. The town has a California Mission, antique shops, and the Los Rios Historic District.

Los Rios Street is a combination of cottages, quaint restaurants, colorful people and adobe structures. The street is filled with beauty, history, and charm... The floral subjects of my latest painting called to me. It’s nice when something warm and joyful pops up on a sunny walk. Click details for more information...

Etsy Updates:
These Etsy Shop owners selected my watercolor and ink paintings for their Etsy Treasury. You'll also see other fine artists, artisans, and vintage selections within their treasury. It's fun take a peek. Just click the headings...

Auntjancan Treasury:
A selection of fine art.

Baruchslulaby Treasury:
If you are looking for the color blue this is the place.

MaresFabrics Treasury:
It's a lovely combination of art, craft, photos, vintage, jewelry, and fun.


  1. It's a wonderful painting.
    And I enjoy your work.

    Thanks for posting the Fine Art Treasury.

    Love and Peace, Aunt Jane