Thursday, October 8, 2009

Small Format Oil Painting, Memories of Quebec

I’ve been working on four small format paintings this week. Today I sprayed them with a resin varnish. I have to go outside the odor would take over my entire house. I get so enthusiastic when I paint. I feel like putting my hands into the paint and just push into the canvas. Sometimes that works but most of the time it’s better for one to use brushes and have a goal in mind. Color and composition seem to jump out at me. They take hold of the painting process and complete the work.

I’ve been experimenting with acrylics and water soluble oils. It’s a departure from ink and paper but I sense what you learn from one medium in someway brings itself to the next artistic endeavor. You know it’s a blessing to have work you enjoy.

I'm a Southern California native but I had the good fortune of visiting Quebec. This painting is more like a glimpse of my memory... What fun!

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